The Recon Sector

Welcome to friends of all things strange and cute.

This site's only just started, and there's not much to see yet. I plan to use this place as a way to document my thoughts and projects, and I hope there's a lot more of that ahead of me than behind me.

What kinda stuff do I enjoy? Well, mostly things that are cute, bizarre and get me to think. I'm a lover of old arcade games, pinball, traditional animation and any kind of music where an electric guitar is involved. To be clear, I don't actually expect anyone to read any of the crap I write here. But if Neocities is offering such a nice avenue for me to puke my thoughts onto, then I'm gonna take it.

Latest Update: The Mamoons, in the creations section.

So, what's next for the site?

  • Add more articles to each category.
  • See how well I can pretty up this place. I still need a proper banner!

Oh, by the way! Make sure to hover over images. Sometimes I'll hide some extra info there.